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What Can We Do For You?

Fancy saving your time, your money and your hair from falling out? Then we have your back…

1. Free Dashboard

Social media takes over not only our personal lives but our business lives too. This changes everything!

2. Content Packages

Continually coming up with engaging content can give you nightmares. Let us sort it out for you!

3. Strategic Plans

We can take 100% of the weight and fully manage your social media accounts strategically and effectively.

Social Media - Nailed

We have you covered in an all in one, simple to use dashboard!

  • Content Scheduled (paid plans)
  • Content Research Tool
  • Performance and statistics tool
  • Visual Composer and content editor
  • Social Media Streams
  • Social media training guides
  • Social Planner

All content is scheduled for your review

We write all of your content for the upcoming week in advance, this allows you to log into your dashboard and review and edit if needed. You can edit the content, the time it goes out or delete it if you no longer wish for it to publish. You can also schedule as much as your own content as you wish around what we have written for you. We promise you will love it and its a huge time saver!

  • Text & image based posts
  • Scheduled in advance for review
  • Editable - amend content, change time/date, platform or delete
  • Delivered at the optimal times of day
  • Engaging content
  • Statistics Overview

In Depth Reports and Statistics

Our stats section is fantastic for analysing the best performing content and hashtags whilst allowing you to see the best times and days to post based on previous scheduled content.

  • Text & image based posts
  • Scheduled in advance for review
  • Editable - amend content, change time/date, platform or delete
  • Delivered at the optimal times of day
  • Engaging content
  • Content Research

Discover Content From Around The Globe

One of the most powerful features of our platform. Search for current news about your industry, trending social content and relevant videos, then schedule the content onto your social media channels with a single click. All from within your dashboard!

  • Image Creator

Create Stunning Visuals Easily!

Create stunning visuals with our pre built templates that allow you to drag, drop and easily edit content.

Do you wish you could create amazing visual content for your social media accounts without the need of hiring a graphic designer? Well now you can, not only is our image creator super easy to use but we also have provided templates set at the various sizes depending on the social media account you are posting to.  Oh… and when created, you can then post direct to your social media via the dashboard.  Now thats neat and quick… and easy, like super, super easy.

With access to over 1 million free images then there is no excuse for designer’s block anymore.

Over 1 Million Free Images

Choose from over 1 million royalty free images or simply upload your own.

Pre Built Templates

Lots of stunning visual templates to choose from which means you do not need to hire a graphic designer!

Drag & Drop

Simply drag elements and edit text with ease to get them looking any way you want.


After easily and quickly building your master creation, simply upload straight to socials in seconds from within the iceniMedia Dashboard.

Anything Else That I can Expect To Get?

Really!?… You want more? Ok fine, how about some of these added benefits below:

  • Pro Dashboard

With all content packages you get a free IceniMedia Pro Dashboard (usually £14.99 per month) to manage your social media accounts.

  • Support

All content packages come with a ticketed support system right from within your dashboard. If ever you need help or if you want some changes made with your content going forward then help is at hand.

  • Social Streams

Keep up to date with everything that is happening on your social platforms. Interact with your followers and friends all from within the dashboard. Neat eh!?

  • Social Training & Guides

We understand that social media can be a big black hole in which you can easily get lost. But we not only make it all easy for you with our platform but we have also created guides and tutorials for you to utilise.

  • Improve Conversion Rates

By having active social media accounts along with engaging content you will notice a growth in sales/leads through your website.

  • SEO

By having us write content on a daily basis will push all the right buttons to help imrove your SEO.

This all sounds great, but how much is it going to cost?!

Our prices are extremely competitive for the services we offer. Best of all is that you are not tied into any contract whatsoever. You can trial us for just one month if you like! Our social content platform is designed to make sure that you will be getting the perfect amount of social content and at the right times and frequency.

Social Content

Single Platform
£ 170
/ Mo
  • Choose 1 from the below:
  • Twitter (3-4 daily tweets & 5 weekly image tweets)
  • Facebook (2 daily posts & 5 weekly image posts)
  • LinkedIn (2 daily updates & 5 weekly image posts)
  • Includes IceniMedia Pro Dashboard

Social Content

3 Platforms
£ 300
/ Mo
  • Twitter (3-4 daily & 5 weekly image tweets)
  • Facebook (2 daily & 5 weekly image posts)
  • LinkedIn (2 daily & 5 weekly image posts)
  • Includes IceniMedia Pro Dashboard

Social Content

2 Platforms
£ 250
/ Mo
  • Choose 2 from the below:
  • Twitter (3-4 daily tweets & 5 weekly image tweets).
  • Facebook (2 daily posts & 5 weekly image posts).
  • LinkedIn (2 daily updates & 5 weekly image posts)
  • Includes IceniMedia Pro Dashboard

Please note we have now dropped the initial campaign fee which was previously at £120. This is now FREE and included in the prices of the packages above. This still covers the initial research that our team will carry out. We’ll find hints, tips and trivia that are industry related as well as researching company specific information to get to know your business and requirements.

No long term contracts and you can cancel anytime after the 1st month. 

Social Media Marketing Made Easy For Your Business

  • Feeling confused?
  • Not sure where to start?
  • Not sure how to get the most from your social media?
  • Don't have enough time to constantly post and keep up?
  • Not sure what to post and when?
  • Constantly banging your head against the wall?

Iceni Group

IceniMedia is a part of Iceni Group that provides all round marketing assistance for your business.


Our content writing packages are very affordable which will save you a huge amount of time.


Visit our blog and find some helpful tips and advice when it comes to managing your socials.

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