A brief and fun social media history video

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After watching this we bet you will be singing the FA – CE – BO – OK tune all day! Be warned. Muwahahaha

This video was produced a few years back and although it’s fun it showcases the rapid growth in recent years and also the future potential that social media now has. It states that Facebook had over 500 million users then. It now has over 1.2 Billion users. As a business when have you ever been able to reach out to such a large potential audience at such minimal cost!?

Even when this video was produced and as you can hear at the end there was still some scepticism (albeit fun) about how social media affects our lives and whether or not it is really relevant. Truth is though social media is now such a large part to the majority of peoples lives that it is an absolute must as a business to not only have a presence but to create engaging content and reach out to these vast audiences.

The biggest companies rely on social media to such an extent that it is now the biggest advertising platform. To put it into perspective think back to watching the X-Factor on Saturday night (whilst tucking in to your Chinese of course) – you along with 8.5+ million other people saw the John Lewis ‘Hare and Bear’ Christmas advert. As a business that is a huge viewing figure to put yourself in front of, right?… Yes it is, but the viewing figures were actually substantially down on previous years. That did not stop John Lewis reportedly paying £7million for this particular advert to be showcased though. Why? It’s because of the social media buzz that was created and the potential audience that it would reach across all social media platforms, the investment certainly paid off as it generated an incredible noise and was seen by a worldwide audience across all these platforms and not just by the small scale millions sat watching it at home on the tv. This advert became as popular as the show itself and it just demonstrated the pure power social media can have.

Ok we understand that your business may be on a smaller scale but the point is that if you get Social Media right and working for your business then the possibilities are almost endless. We are guessing that you do not have that kind of money to spend though to get a campaign underway but don’t worry our prices are not quite so extortionate.

We are experts and can help you to achieve your social media goals. Why not try us out. During the month of February we are offering our set up fee for free. That is a massive saving with minimal risk as you are not tied into any minimum term contracts either and all our prices are on a set monthly price.

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