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We are the social media agency worth following. We are located in the fine city of Norwich, UK. Our social media experts will boost your brand, increase your website conversion rate, expose your business to a huge new market and drive more visitors to your website. With our super prices its a no-brainer… right!?

"Outsourcing your social media to us will ensure you have a professionally managed social media campaign at a great price point that should deliver you a solid return on investment."

Iceni Media

What we do and how it helps you?

Well to put it simply we are an agency of experts in the field of Social Media. We understand and master all the complicated jargon involved (such as hashtags and microblogging) so you don’t have to. Social media is an absolute must in today’s modern world but it should also be approached with care and with a clear plan and direction. We see so many businesses who have just set themselves up with accounts and posted a few times and pretty much given up as they thought it was not working for them.

This is because they are unsure of how to unlock the potential… If you are this typical business then you need to talk to us today, as with the right tools and direction it can become a major income source for your business.

It is a documented fact that social media can generate more than double the amount of leads than any trade show, telemarketing, mail and PPC campaigns etc can. Can you really afford to be missing out on such an obvious opportunity?

Why Use Social Media?

There are so many benefits that we could talk about it all day (it is our passion after all) but to list a few, social media can:

Enhance your business trustworthiness

Posting regularly on social media increases trust with your target audience. Being active can show that they can get hold of you if they have any questions or if an issue arises.

Increase your brand recognition

It's common knowledge in the marketing world that your brand needs to be seen or heard around 7 times before they take action or buy from you.

Get you ahead of competition

Are your competitors not utilising social media to it's full potential? If not then this is your chance to get ahead of everyone and be a leader in your industry.

Enhance your marketing power

Adding social media to your marketing tactics enhances your message across the digital space. Target and re-target your potential customers from all areas of your marketing.

Improve your online authority

By providing value and great content across your social media platforms you can increase your authority as a leader in your industry and gain more trust.

Increase website traffic

We all want more traffic, right? But it is no good getting lots of un-targeted traffic which will not convert. Someone showing an interest on social media is a warm lead.

Outsource the heavy lifting

The very best way for your business to benefit from a social media campaign is if you outsource the “heavy lifting” to us. We know the exact recipe to create a social media campaign that provides an interesting and authoritative set of posts that your clients or customers will love as well as pushing Google’s social buttons. We have teams of people that can post on your behalf all day, every day. Plenty of keyword rich content, nicely spaced out during the day. All of which can be reviewed by you via our simple to use control panel, as we schedule your content at least 7 days ahead.

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